Swedish Massage

This type of massage combines several techniques to reduce and break down adhesions. Swedish is both relaxing and energizing

Cold Stone Migraine Therapy
This innovative treatment is designed specifically for people who want alternative, fast and dramatic relief for all kinds of headaches, without taking drugs. Cold Stone consists of trigger point therapy in conjunction with essential oils applied to the face, as well as the use of special cold marble stones placed strategically to reduce inflammation of blood vessels.

Foot Massage
There’s nothing like a good foot massage to re-energize and renew your feet after being on them for hours at a time. Treat yourself to pure pampering and bliss.

Chair Massage
Chair massage is a quick fix for those with limited time, keeping you in a seated position. No lying down or disrobing. This is great introduction to massage and can be done virtually anywhere.

Bamboo Fusion Massage
This modality uses a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage to work deeper into the muscles without the soreness traditionally associated with Deep Tissue work.

Cup Massage
Cupping is an ancient technique which reduces inflammation and pulls out toxins. This therapy is for those with serious or chronic joint or muscle disorders. Various sized rubber cups are used to get a deeper massage. These sessions are typically performed in half to one hour increments. This modality is effective when combined with traditional massage for treatment of neck, back & shoulder pain. Those with heart issues should not attempt cup therapy.

Paraffin Wax Treatments
This luxurious treatment is used to help arthritis sufferers as the warm wax eases stiffness and discomfort of joints associated with injury, arthritis, overworked muscles, and other ailments. It’s also perfect for moisturizing and softening dry, cracked skin on hands, feet and elbows.


Our list of services is constantly changing, so please call to inquire.